City Built Brewing Co.’s Edwin Collazo

The places, priorities, and people guiding the industry’s future in the “great beer state”

We talked to some brewery owners and members of the industry to compile a list of Michigan beer’s next generation of leaders – both individual personalities and colorful brewery cultures – who are poised to keep things exciting.

We also spotlighted and nominated breweries fostering change on issues of diversity, sustainability, affordable housing and more.

The leaders are broken down into three categories:

  • The Places: Brewery environments that are somewhat understated but getting the attention of beer drinkers based on creative business models, unique cultures and envelope-bending beverages.
  • The Priorities: These are businesses that effectively and meaningfully embrace philanthropic efforts, environmental practices, community enhancement and social justice causes.
  • The People: Knowledgeable and colorful personalities whose presence and perspective help inspire peers, customers and the industry to be different.

You can read the full blog post from West Michigan Beer Tours general manager John Liberty here:

At top: Guardian Brewing Co. co-owner/head brewer Kim Collins

At right: City Built Brewing Co.’s Edwin Collazo, courtesy of Steph Harding