Bell’s Brewery founder and president Larry Bell talked with West Michigan Beer Tours co-founder John Liberty for the cover story of Encore Magazine’s September issue to discuss his brewery’s legacy and future.

The article includes comments from beer industry leaders, community members, Larry Bell and members of the brewery’s leadership team.

Bell’s, the nation’s 7th largest craft brewery and 16th largest overall brewery, celebrated its 36th anniversary in September.

“He wasn’t afraid to take people to task, whether it’s to court or whether it was contractual–type stuff. He did what he thought was fair and what was right for all parties, not just one–sided agreements. He took a stand and often won. That set a precedent, certainly in national beer–distribution laws. If it happened in Michigan and someone is willing to fight for it and win, other breweries in other states take note and use those incidents as examples,” said Charlie Papazian, the author of ‘The Complete Joy of Home Brewing,’ founder of the Association of Brewers and the Great American Beer Festival and the long–running president of the Brewers Association.

You can read the full article here.

* Photo courtesy of Bell’s Brewery.