This is a press release from Territorial Brewing Co.:

Springfield, MI — After a year of planning to relocate their taproom, Territorial Brewing Company has announced a date.

The new restaurant and taproom will be hosting a grand opening on Tuesday, December 17 at 1600 Avenue A, Springfield.

The building has been refurbished since taking ownership from Springbrook Italian Bistro earlier this year.

The microbrewery plans to close their current location with a bang. Territorial’s annual anniversary party, Dezemberfest, will take place on Saturday, November 30 and will mark their last day of business at 256 Helmer Road North, Springfield.

“This is a big one for us this year,” said Tim Davis, Co-owner and Head of Brewing Operations at Territorial Brewing Company. “It’s going to be bittersweet. We’re celebrating our five-year anniversary but also saying
goodbye to Helmer.”

Territorial has been growing steadily since opening November 2014. In December 2017, they moved their seven-barrel brewing operation into a new production facility in Springfield. Now, they’re moving the restaurant to a larger facility allowing for more parking and additional growth opportunities.

“The new restaurant will accommodate twice as many people with almost five times the parking of the old one,” said Chelsea Olmstead, General Manager at Territorial Brewing Company.

This is only one step in the brewery’s expansion plans. They plan to open a sprawling beer garden and add on to the outdoor activities on site.

“We currently have an 18-hole disc golf course and we’d like to add more.” Olmstead said. “We’re also exploring mountain bike trails, an outdoor concert venue and even weddings. We have this beautiful natural space and we want our guests to really be able to enjoy it.”

Focusing on high-quality craft lagers instead of more common ales, Territorial continues to gain recognition in the craft brewing community for taking a road less traveled.