Holiday shopping for Michigan craft beer fans can a daunting undertaking.

If the beer fan doesn’t already have a mug club membership to one of their favorite breweries, that’s always a solid option. Getting your hands on a bottle of an elusive release? Not bad, if you can pull it off.

There’s also picking up a unique piece of merchandise from one of their favorite breweries (after all, the options are nearly limitless). Heck, we even built Kalamazoo Craft Beer Gift Baskets.

However, if you’re looking for an idea to compliment a beer-cave — something to really bring the room together — here are a few Michigan-centric suggestions (click on the header for more details):

Bad Moon Studio LLC

Location: Jenison
What: John Timmer repurposes whiskey barrels, used by Grand Rapids-breweries, into individually designed tables, chairs, growler holders, serving trays, lamp fixtures, bottle openers and more. You can get updates on Bad Moon’s Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also find some of his work at Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply in Grand Rapids. His bottle openers are on sale at the Spirit of Kalamazoo in downtown Kalamazoo.
Contact: or ten.labolgcbs@remmitmj

Journey Jug

Location: Grand Rapids
What: While the Grand Rapids-based digital studio Fusionary specializes in website and app design, it also boasts Journey Jug. Available in glass and stainless steel (both 32 and 64 ounces), the Journey Jug lets owners create a unique tracking number for the beverage-holding vessel, enabling you to relive your beer travels and the beer poured into it along the way.
Cost: Stainless — $30.50 (32-ounce) or $44.50 (64-ounces); Glass — $19.50

Beer Cap Maps

Location: Madison, Wisc.-based
What: Beer Cap Map makes wooden and metal display pieces for bottle caps in the shape of the United States and all 50 states. Michigan, both Upper and Lower peninsulas, is one of the top sellers. The company co-owner, Steve Latham, is also a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It’s also available at select retailers, including Nature Connection in downtown Kalamazoo.
Cost: $39-$48

Michigan Brewers Guild’s Enthusiast Membership

Location: All of the Mitten
What: The Michigan Brewers Guild, which is the promotional and lobbying trades organization for Michigan craft beer, offers Enthusiast Memberships. The annual fee includes a T-shirt, VIP status for the guild’s four beer festivals, invitation to invite-only events, pre-sale tickets for festivals and more.
Cost: $55 annually

A History of Brewing in the Motor City

Location: Detroit
What: Motor City Brew Tours owner Stephen Johnson penned this book “about Detroit’s brewing history from the 1800’s, through prohibition and the post boom and bust of big beer, to the rise of the current craft beer craze. Profiles 50+ breweries and contains 80 historic pictures. Written by Stephen Johnson, owner of Motor City Brew Tours.”
Cost: $20-$35
Contact: or moc.sruotwerbyticrotom@ofni

Michigan bottle opener

Location: Kalamazoo
What: This stainless steel bottle opener in the shape of Michigan is a nice stocking stuffer.
Cost: $12
Contact: Buy online here

Grayling Ceramics (Ceramic growlers, howlers and steins)

Location: Kalamazoo
What: Longtime ceramic artist Shay Church and his team created handmade growlers (64 ounces), howlers (32 ounces) and beer steins (16 ounces) in their studio at 213 E. Frank St. (near Boatyard Brewing Co.). Custom orders are also available.
Costs: Range from $34 to $70
Contact: 402-972-5365 or moc.liamg@scimarecgnilyarg

Beer Soap from Damn Handsome Grooming

Location: Kalamazoo
What: Jarrett Blackmon’s company makes a variety of grooming products, including a line of beer soap using byproducts from the brewing process. Available in bars and pumps, soaps range from Hoppy Mint to Smoked Porter. Body soaps and shampoos are also available.
Cost: $8 to $14