To those who live in Kalamazoo, its reputation as a beer city is nothing new.

But when a national publication bestows some attention on you — it’s always a source of civic pride. This was the case recently when the U.S. News and World Report Travel dubbed Kalamazoo one of the country’s “8 Underrated Beer Cities.”

The article referenced Bell’s Brewery Inc., Kalamazoo Beer Week and the upcoming West Michigan Beer Tours Kalamazoo Summer Walking Tour Series.  This series is presented by Discover Kalamazoo and an awesome host of sponsors that are helping make Kalamazoo a fantastic place to visit. This series will run every Saturday from June 7 through Aug. 30 . While we are humbled by the publicity, we recognize that what makes our company a success is the hard working men and women who have crafted the world’s best beer.

Once again, we raise a pint to all the breweries that help make our area a culturally vibrant place to live and a destination to visit.

As always, cheers!

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