About West Michigan Beer Tours

So how did we get here? Well we are obviously all craft beer lovers who have the good fortune to live in West Michigan during a renaissance of the craft beer industry. One evening over a pint we were talking about how we could get involved in the growing West Michigan beer industry. It was during this conversation that we started our initial business plan.  So our business was truly started on a bar napkin. Less than 10 months later, with the help and support of our family and friends, we launched our first tour.


John Liberty

John has had a front row seat for much of the growth of the Michigan craft beer industry. For the last 5 years John wrote about the beer industry for the Kalamazoo Gazette and MLive Media Group. John co-founded the Michigan craft beer blog, KalamaBrew, in 2007. Over a pint or two during the summer of 2012, John floated the idea of a beer bus that could help people safely enjoy their favorite West Michigan brewers. Today that idea is a reality. John is a Western Michigan University graduate who is married with two kids and a dog.

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Aric Faber

Aric is an entrepreneur who has spent most of his career building and managing businesses in the software industry. During his travels he had many opportunities to do beer tours in other cities. When John suggested a beer tour company in West Michigan Aric jumped on the opportunity to create a new business related to West Michigan breweries. Aric is currently on the board of directors for Junior Achievement of West Michigan and also advises other local area businesses. Aric is a graduate of Calvin College and has an MBA from the University of Michigan. He is married to a fellow beer lover and has a dog named Bo.

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Lisa Faber

After graduating from Calvin College, Lisa became a successful realtor in West Michigan. Over the years she has developed quite a taste for craft beer. As such she frequently promotes the West Michigan’s craft beer industry when providing community tours to people who are considering moving into the area. She was surprised at how many people from outside of the area already knew about our local breweries and were looking for opportunities to visit them. When she heard about the idea to create West Michigan Beer Tours she threw her support behind. Lisa is helping to build our partnerships and working with companies on creating private tours.

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The Team

Andrea Wilson

2015-6-20-WMBT-25She joined WMBT in the summer of 2014 and excels at customer service. A close follower of the craft beer industry and a well-traveled brewery adventurer in her spare time, she brings a high level of professionalism to the company. She currently works as an account manager at a marketing agency.


Trevor Sandberg

Trevor1Trevor has been a self-proclaimed Michigan Beer Ambassador since the turn of the century. He has Level 1 Sommelier and Cicerone beer server certification and has used that knowledge and hospitality in the restaurant business for the last 15 years.  Currently, he’s following his passion as the assistant brewer at Tibbs Brewing Co. in Kalamazoo.

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Bonnie Steinman

Bonnie’s nickname used to be “Beer” because she had a way of talking friends into joining her for a few.   She loves to introduce people to new flavors and experiences that craft beer brings. Bonnie was at the forefront of the Michigan hop growing revolution and is a huge advocate for using Michigan ingredients.


Mark Curtis

As a lover of craft beer, Mark turned that love into becoming an adult craft beverage enthusiast community leader. In 2013, he started a Facebook group called DrinkGR, with the intention of creating a friendly space to promote the Grand Rapids-area adult craft beverage producers and a place for enthusiasts to share their passion for what they’re drinking. Not long after, he created DrinKzoo with the same intent because of demand from people who wanted the same type of group for their adult craft beverage community. Mark also works for Beer City Glass, a screen printer who caters to the adult craft beverage industry, where he does graphic design work, along with sales & marketing.

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Nichole Pineda

Nichole PinedaAs a lover of the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and a self-educated craft beer lover, Nichole has furthered her education by assisting with the brewing process as the tap room manager at Boatyard Brewing Company in Kalamazoo. “I am excited with the prospect of sharing my experiences and knowledge with others.”


Taps McFirkin

Taps McFirkinA lover of quality Michigan beer and a breaker of hearts. He frequently travels with our guests as they explore Michigan beer together. He’s more popular than you are.

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