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  • Winter Beer Festival
  • Gift Certificates
  • Founders Brewery – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Bell’s Brewery – Kalamazoo, Michigan


It’s never too early to book your company Christmas party tour with us!


West Michigan Beer Tours is your backstage pass to one of the fastest growing and inventive industries in the state.

  • You don't even have to like beer to love this tour.  There's plenty to see, experience and enjoy!
    Tamara – Kalamazoo, MI
  • Great beer!  Great People!  Great Time!  What a good way to make new friends!
    Sue – Cedar Lake, IN
  • Had a great time visiting the breweries, learning about their brewing process, and not having to drive.
    Susan – Niles, MI
  • There is no better way to experience the awesome variety of breweries in West Michigan.  You can try several beers at each location, hang out with friends, and not even have to worry about a designated driver in between stops.
    Jason – Kalamazoo, MI

We are fortunate to have some of the best breweries in the world in West Michigan offering renowned styles as diverse as bourbon barrel-aged stouts to sunny day sipping wheat ales. West Michigan Beer Tours connects beer lovers with a behind-the-scene experience showing the process, the people and the pride behind Michigan beer.

West Michigan Beer Tours offers both public and private bus tours to these breweries, from the big boys who distribute around the country to the small town brewpub. Through our partnerships with them, you will more than partake, you’ll participate!

We will provide unique experiences, such as brewer meet-and-greets, exclusive tastings and perhaps even lending a hand in brewing or packaging. In addition to our tours, please take advantage of our partnerships with hotels, bars/restaurants and other local attractions to create a great weekend in West Michigan.





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